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The free spirit

If someone says: "No one, can build something like that." Then he just builds it.

1977 - 1987 First lessons with Burkhard Wissemann ( jazz/ latin/ polyrhythmic master, tour drummer of the Frankfurt Opera ),

1982 - 1984 with Jörg Dobrik ( jazz funk drummer ),

1987 - 1991 Studies at Dr. Hoch's conservatory with Prof. Karl Setzer (first percussionist/concertmaster, Frankfurt Opera).

Due to the professional activities at the Musikmesse, there were lessons and beer counter wisdom from and with e.g.

Steve Gadd (don't copy anyone, be yourself),

Bernard Purdie (Talk With Your Drumset),

Wolfgang Basler (The drummer kinetics or movement theory))

Christian Bourdon ( live and studio drummer, book author, African / Caribbean rhythms).

Rick Latham (advanced funk studies)

Prof. René Cremers ( count and play ),

Louie Bellson (never wear white socks with a tuxedo)

During the Tours there was always the opportunity to learn, also with
Akkasa Ibrahim Cheisuko (Master Djembe Teacher,
Session percussionist u.a. Youssou N ´Dour,
Peter Gabriel), Casamance, Senegal.

Drums and Percussion Masterclasses in Greece, Türkiye, Mali, Ivory Coast,
Senegal (Dakar, M´bour, Casamanche), Egypt, Mauritania...

TV appearances on MTV, ZDF, ARD, SWR, Tele 5, TV Asahi, MTV
Türkiye, ET 1, BBC...

Concerts and tours all over the world

0-15 Asian Burnin´ Albums

Studio drummer, drum teacher, author