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We build "your" drum kit the way "you" want it !!!

Drum construction, customizing, drum construction
A purple unicorn drum kit, at a low price, for an already desperate dad.
A drum kit where the shells should look like orange peels.
Drums with natural skin and leather tension, really nice in used look for Viking drummers.
The variable club set, where everything fits into the bass drum.
A drum kit stained in a maple veneer look, without maple veneer, no, no foil, that would be too easy.
All this and much more was and is possible at a reasonable rate.
We have often heard these sentences, among others:

"You are my last hope, otherwise I have to give up my project".
"My son/daughter has his own design ideas, hopefully it won't be too expensive?"
and the unique highlight:
"I would like to have an invisible drum kit on stage for the next tour"...
He played it live!
Of course, in addition to the manufacture of drums of all kinds, there is also our special drums from other brands helping service, which includes...
glaze, stain, foil, repair, restore, varnish, oil, wax, glue, shorten, polish, wait, tune... If the shell is cracked or even broken, we'll make it whole again.

"I've already called everyone, I don't know what to do anymore".
"My son's drum kit has something broken underneath"
"The snare wire is stuck"
"My double pedal is so slow"
"I need a very specific spare part"

No problem, everyone was helped.
How can we help you?